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Repayment amounts are based on a 15.95% interest rate and are indicative only. They exclude any brokerage, establishment, administration, waiver and insurance fees. These terms may not be available for your loan type. All loan quotes are subject to full application details and lenders conditions at the time of application.

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Here at NZ Credit & Loans we like to keep things simple. You’ll make one application to us, we then place the loan with the right lender based on your circumstances, then we’ll get back to you. Within no time at all your money could be in the bank to spend as you please. Simple.

NZ Credit & Loans can source all types of loans (both secured and unsecured). We are one of the best in the market and make getting a great loan more achievable.

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Thank you so much for having such amazing staff on your team. I applied online, a tad stressed. I was soon put in contact with one of your consultants who made my life a lot easier. He contact me via email and phone and explained step-by-step where the loan was at and what I needed to do.  This afternoon he made me cry with happiness as my loan was approved and documents on the way.  It was awesome having someone so helpful and able to calm my stress level down.  SO THANK YOU THANK YOU. I’m telling everyone how awesome my experience has been.

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NZ Credit and Loans do not source loans for a period of 61 days or less.

We do not offer Short Term loans, all NZ Credit and Loans are for terms of six to sixty months with a fixed annual rate of interest. Our current interest rates start at a minimum of 13.95% but have a maximum rate of 39.95% depending on credit history, security offered and your overall credit profile. A typical $20,000.00 loan through NZ Credit and Loans would be as follows:

  • Personal Loan Amount $20,000
  • Brokerage Fee $995.00
  • Establishment Fee $440.00
  • Payments over 36 months
  • Interest rate from 15.95% including monthly
  • Admin fee of $15 per month
  • Repayments from $937 per month including brokerage also including (optional)payment waiver cover – subject to terms and conditions
  • Annual Percentage Rate 22.8%